Nikolay Petrovich Pastukhov and Felitsata Nikonovna Pastukhova nee Garelina had 16 children. In the last will and testament built up   in the year of 1907 N.P. Pastukhov (already ennobled) asked his children to live in peace and harmony, not to raise any quarrels among them and by that not to offend the memory of him.

The Revolution of the year 1917 separated N.P. Pastukhov’s survived descendants. During the time of emigration more than one generation of Pastukhov’s descendants had been craving to get back home again.  They had been never forgetting their background, but the family ties were almost lost.

One hundred years after this tragic episode of the beginning of the 20th century Pastukhov Academy managed to find the descendants of the family in Australia, the USA, Canada, France, and Switzerland. Many of these people became not only our friends, but also constant authors of magazine «The Bulletin of the Academy», and books, published by the Academy. Some of the descendants have visited Yaroslavl at the behest of the Pastukhov Academy.

N.P. Pastukhov’s Descendants abroad

Australia: Anna Barnes (the great-granddaughter of N.P. Pastukhov); James Barnes , her elder son; John Barness, her younger son; George Barness, John Barness’s son; Irina Volkova, the widow of Andrey Vladimirovich  Volkov (Anna Barnes’s brother); her children and descendants; Andre Volkov, her son.

The USA, NY: Pavel Mikhailovich Naumov, the great-grandson of N.P. Pastukhov; Maria Pavlovna Naumenko , his daughter, the active participant of actions dedicated to the memory of N.P. Pastukhov; Melania and Fotina, M.P. Naumenko’s daughters (have the Orthodox upbringing, have a knowledge of Russian).

The USA, California: Fillip Alekseevich Pastukhov, the great-grandson of D.A. Pastukhov (N.P. Pastukhov’s cousin). He has 2 children, the twins – Nikolai and Ekaterina.

The USA, Maine: Stefan Alekseevich Pastukhov, the great-grandson of D.A. Pastukhov (N.P. Pastukhov’s cousin). He has 3 children- Lara, Alesei and Miles.

Canada, Toronto: Maria Mikhailovna Liitoya, the great-granddaughter of N.P. Pastukhov.

France, Paris: Knyaz’ Dmitriy Mikhailovich Shakhovskoi, the grandson of D.M. Pastukhov. He has 3 children: Ivan (has been living in Russia since 2000), Natalia and Illarion (have the Orthodox upbringing, have a knowledge of Russian); Elizaveta Mikhailovna Tiesenhausen, the granddaughter of D.M. Pastukhov, the sister of D.M. Shakhovskoi. She has 4 children – Aleksei, Nikolai, Anna and Elizaveta (have the Orthodox upbringing, have a knowledge of Russian).

Switzerland, Geneva: Ekaterina Richardovna Rodali-Beliaeva, the great-granddaughter of I.A. Pastukhov (N.P. Pastukhov’s cousin).

John Barnes visiting the Leontyevsky cemetery  (Yaroslavl, 1998)

Maria Mikhailovna and Leo Ivanovich Liitoya (Canada, 2001)

Employees of the Pastukhov Academy visiting Naumenko family (USA, 2009)

In the Orthodox Church of Father Grigory (Naumenko) (USA, 2009)

James Barnes, Andre Volkov, John Barnes (Australia, 2011)

Irina Volkova on her 98th Birthday (Australia, 2010)

Nina Aniskina visits Barnes Family (Australia, 2007)

Anna Barnes with her son James and her grandson George (Australia, 2010)

Ivan Shakhovskoi and Ekaterina Rodali-Belyaeva at the presentation of the book about N.P. Pastukhov (Yaroslavl, 2011)

Knyaz Ivan Shakhovskoi and Knyaz Dmitriy Shakhovskoi visit the Pastukhov Academy (Yaroslavl, 2010)