Our accreditation


Cro-Cert (Zagreb, Croatia)

Cro-Cert is organization of certification of management systems in Croatia. It is accreditated  by  National service of empowerment as State institution for standardization, metrology and certification; with the authority of certification of Quality Management Systems in compliance with standard ISO 9001:2000.


Folkuniversitetet (Sweden, Uppsala)

Folkuniversitetet is uncommercial organization specializing in post-graduate education. Folkuniversitetet is an association of five institutions – faculties of  post-graduate education attached to the Universities of Stockholm, Uppsala, Goteborg, Lund and Umea. Folkuniversitetet offers different types of educational programmes for adults and courses in more than 40 educational centers all over the Sweden.


Quality Austria

A center for training, certificating of stuff and certificating of management systems Quality Austria issues certificates about compliance with international standards of management quality, ecology, safety and health in any economic sector, field of industry and organizations of any scope. More than 500 auditors of Quality Austria work in different scope organizations.

Membership in associations


Academy of Quality Problems

Interregional public organization “Academy of Quality Problems”  is an independent  scientific and technical organization of scientists and specialists. They has co-operated for business, professional, creative collaboration in area of quality, reliability, competitive ability, certification and standardization of production. Has its offices in 21 region of Russia.


All-Russian Quality Organization

The main goal of All-Russian Quality Organization is the cooperation of efforts of citizens, civil society, organizations, enterprises and government in order to solve problems of quality and competitive abilities of national products and service and to form nation-wide quality movement. All-Russian Quality Organization  has its offices in 21 region of Russia.


European Assosiation of CVE providers – ESEDA

The goals of ESEDA are:
1. Improving of continual vocational education of CVE providers in Europe.
2. Establishment of transparent CVE system based on general standards.
3. Leading-up of  professional qualification and grades that would be accepted by all European CVE providers.
4. Assistance to International exchange of specialists.


Association ISCRA

Attracting of investments in regional enterprises by improvement of business strategies and creation of relationships between Russian producers and Russian and  foreign investors.

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CVE Union  (DPO Union in Russian abbreviation)

CVE Union is non-commercial partnership that was founded at 30 of May in 2003 in order to solve the problems in field of executive training and professional retraining.

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Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation contributes to the development of the national economy, relying on the rich local traditions and world experience of entrepreneurship. The main goals of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation are representation of interests of Russian entrepreneurs in their relations with authorities; creating of conditions that necessary for foundation of socially oriented market economy; assistance in foundation of the legal and institutional environment and entrepreneurship infrastructure.


Russian Chemists Union

The Russian Chemists Union is a noncommercial organization which unites the enterprises of chemical sector, scientific research institute, the unions and associations of a chemical orientation, vertically – integrated structures of Russia. Nowadays about 600 enterprises and chemists organizations are members of the union.

Our partners



B2B-Center system is a e-marketplace. It provides 43 types of market procedures for procurement and selling of goods and services including tenders for realization of debtor-enterprise’s property.

Carl Duisberg

Carl Duisberg

Carl Duisberg Centren is one of the leading educational service providers, has fifty years’ experience in elaboration and implementation of educational programmes and practical training for students all over the world. Well-known in Germany and abroad. Since 1994 Carl Duisberg Centren cooperates with educational organizations in Russia and CIS within international educational projects and programmes.



International Academy of management and technologies INTAMT is educational institution of advanced training for organizational and methodical support of activities and exchange of experience between Russia and CIS countries with Germany and other foreign countries.


University North (Croatia)

University North is a newly formed higher education institution organised as a dynamic organisation that continually monitors, implements and incorporates scientific and professional knowledge in the modernisation of the existing and the development of new study programmes, promotes the concept of lifelong learning and deepens and maintains relations with the business sector and collaboration with related higher education institutions in the country and abroad.


Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education and Career Development

AKKORK is an expert organization, which is authorized by employers’ associations and professional communities in carrying out the procedure of public accreditation of educational programmes.


Business System

“Business System” company provides accounting services for small and medium business. Working with the company, the client receives tax optimization, insurance of financial responsibility, etc. The Company offers a comprehensive service — preparation to membership in SRO.


European Center of Quality

European Center of Quality is methodical educational center of Certificating System of specialists training in fields of metrology, standardization, certification and quality management.


Institute of Economics and Management, Russian State Pedagogical University named after A. I. Herzen

Institute of Economics and Management implements main educational programmes in area of management and five management specialties in all forms of education, including programmes of Quality Management and MBA.


IT Consultant Company

IT Consultant Company is Regional Informational Center of all-Russian national network of organization ConsultantPlus in Yaroslavl and region. This company distributes and does after-sales service of legal systems of ConsultantPlus.


Yarosoft LLC

Yarosoft is the official partner of company 1C in Yaroslavl and region in extension of business software using (Microsoft, Symantec, Kaspersky lab, Doctor Web, Eset, ABBYY, etc.) and  trading and program maintenance of 1C:Enterprise.