Research activity is one of the first priorities of any educational institution. It allows lecturers to be well informed about disciplines they taught to students from enterprises and companies. A specialist who himself conducts research, can point out urgent and future-oriented knowledge which now or in the nearest future should be acquired by students — only such specialist has a right to train the representatives of the real economy sector. That is why the administration of Pastukhov Academy pays much attention to different kinds of scientific work.

Research areas

  • The analysis of implementation experience of anti-corruption legislation in the system of state authorities of the Russian Federation entities. Recommendations development for anti-corruption measures improvements
  • Elaboration, implementation and development of Integrated Management Systems in different spheres of activity (Quality, Ecology, Security, Energy Efficiency, etc.)
  • Development of Information and Analytical Technologies in Management:

– Assessment and Risk Management Technologies
– Security Assessment Technologies and Ways of Its Improvement
– Application Technologies of Special Methods of Managerial Activities (including Information Analytics)
– Application of Computer Technologies in Management

  • Development of Personnel Management System
  • Development of Personnel Assessment System
  • Development of In-Company Training System
  • Image as Psychological Management Mechanism
  • Sociological Research
  • Methodology of Foreign Language Teaching and Motivation Formation in Foreign Language Learning
  • State Language Policy and Its Role of Successful Integration of Immigrants in a Modern Society


Lecturers and students of Pastukhov Academy actively take part in scientific conferences in Russia and abroad, publish their scientific works in magazines and conference proceedings, books are published as well. Participation in scientific conferences is on the one hand the recognition of scientific work of the Academy, on the other hand shows intensive exchange of scientific information with other specialists and scientists.

Owing to participation in scientific and methodological conferences lecturers of Pastukhov Academy can be on the cutting edge of science, update their worldview as well as apply new scientific achievements in specialist training and be needed in the real economy sector.

Since 1995 Pastukhov Academy has been conducting a scientific and methodological conference Pastukhov Readings. Main directions of Pastukhov Readings are innovation in education, development of full range of positive results in education promoting the growth of competitiveness and effectiveness of enterprises and companies.