The technologies of distant education are developing rapidly. And now it is quite comprehensible that the future comes with them. In every year we teach people in a more efficient way. We teach them things that recently seemed to be accessible only in personal communication of lecturer and student. However, nowadays it is possible by dint of PC, tablet computer or smartphone at any time and from afar.

Besides, the distant education is frequently more effective than full-time studies. Student who is not limited in duration of lectures and does not get distracted by other students has an opportunity to watch the lecture necessary amount of times; ask lecturer and fellow students questions; do tests, visit webinars and so on. That’s efficient!

Pastukhov Academy offers distant learning to all for whom knowledge is necessary, but there is no possibility to pass full-time course of study.

Distant learning allows to receive necessary knowledge and abilities, without leaving a workplace and to apply them in the professional work, fixing the theory with practice.

The System of Distant Education offered by Pastukhov Academy, includes all necessary elements which allow to master a course of full value:

  • the complete set of teaching materials on the paper carrier (it is sent to the listener by mail);
  • electronic library of teaching materials (the program containing presentation materials on a course, tests for self-checking and control tests following the results of training);
  • consultations at teachers of Pastukhov Academy by e-mail.