By preserving the Past we create the Future…

The solemn opening of the Center of the Preservation of the Cultural Heritage of the Pastukhov House took place on the 16th of May, 2014.

The cultural heritage is the moral, cultural, economic, and social wealth that is invaluable. The heritage feeds the modern science, education, and culture. Equally with the natural resources the heritage is the prime basis for national self-respect and the recognition of the world community.

The postindustrial civilization has realized the highest potential of the cultural heritage, the necessity to protect it and to consider it as one of the most important resources of the world economy.  Any losses of the cultural heritage will inevitably affect every area of life of today’s and tomorrow’s generations, result in moral impoverishment and lacks in the historical memory. They can’t be compensated nor by the development of modern culture, nor by creating new significant works of art. The accumulation and the conservation of cultural values is a base of the development of the civilization.

While we live, we have time only to learn a small part of the cultural heritage. The heritage will remain after a person for the other generations, being a property of the whole mankind. This can be true, only if the heritage is preserved. They judge the cultural development of any nation by how this nation treats its cultural heritage. By preserving the Past we create the Future.

Main Objectives of the Centre are:

  • Improvement of the life quality
  • Recreation of the historical memory
  • Revival and popularization of patronage traditions
  • Projecting of the territory image
  • Popularization of the healthy life-style
  • Elevation of the educational level among the adults

Tasks of the Centre are:

1. Designing of informational programs for the popularization of the historical and cultural heritage of the Pastukhov House:

  • The trilogy about N.P. Pastukhov
  • Making a movie about N.P. Pastukhov, his heritage and his descendants
  • Making and keeping of documents and visual tools archive about the Pastukhov Family

2. Organization of guided tours of places, connected with the Pastukhov Family:

  • Walking tour of Yaroslavl city
  • Visiting of expositions of  the Yaroslavl State Historical-Architectural and Art Museum Preserve
  • Visiting of N. Pastukhov’s country estate and the possibility to reside in the Pastukhov House in Krasniy Holm village

3. Keeping in touch with Pastukhov descendants

4. Designing and implementation of educational programs to elevate the cultural and educational level of the population (in the context of the Presidential Program, aimed at the elevation of the educational level among the adults):

  • Organization of learning of folk arts and crafts
  • Conduction of folk arts and crafts master classes
  • Organization of exhibitions of works of folk arts and crafts

5. Establishment of the Pastukhov Academy Wellness Center

6. Designing of individual tours «The Harmony Person»:

  • Vocational education and training
  • Touristic program
  • Health-improving programs